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September 3, 2022
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The secret to sexual pleasure is in the way you conduct sex. It’s entirely about sex postures. Every adult will not experience the same pleasure in one particular sexual position.

A steamy sex session as a fantastic experience for conjugal pleasure relies on finding the best and most popular positions to have fun. Udaipur Call Girl are well-known for their erotic talents and services that are unparalleled. Fairies from Ankita compete for the most desirable sexual positions. They enhance romantic and sexual pleasure with memorable intimate moments.

Guys are bored of fucking to the same sex postures every day and they are eager to smear dick on the hot vagina. But true pleasure requires a change in the position. Udaipur Escort is escorting girls and will allow you to have a fling with her in various sexual positions.

Kama Sutra is a good Sutra position worth considering

Sexy pleasure is a lot more enjoyable when played in the right places. India has a long-standing method of sex that was developed by the sage Vatsyayana whose the bok Kama Sutra describes how sex can become artistic and erotic when played in the correct positions.

Vatsyayana discusses sexual positions in this epic book that is a guide to living and loving, and maximising the pleasures of sexuality such as sexual intimacy and love. The book contains a full section on sexuality, with several sex postures that encourage emotional intimacy between couples by way of physical touch and contact.

Doggy Style

Doggy-style, you are not facing to face, but this can be achieved through the mirror. The mirror’s reflection as you do this will increase pleasure and eroticism. It is an authentic feeling of feeling of trust when you do this in a doggy position in a vulnerable, passive position. On all fours, allow your partner to be kneeling behind you, keeping your upper body straight or draped slightly over your body.

Pretzel dip sex

This is doggy-style and couples can gaze into each the other’s eyes, kiss the backs of each other and massage the breasts and nipples with direct tension through clitoral stimulation.

The cowgirl position in sex

This is a face-to face and an ultimate experience of intimacy. Eyes lock and nipple rub and kisses can increase the intimacy.

In this position, the girl kneels at the top and pushes her partner off their chest, and then slides between her thighs. The other person grabs the thighs and keeps raising to match each thrust.

Lotus Sexual position

A Padmasana, also known as the Lotus position is achieved by grinding against the woman to increase the muscles of the clitoris. Take the girl when she is on high on the penis, or a dildo, and rub across the course. The person who is seated can on the floor, while the girl can lie on their laps facing them. Then, wrap legs around each other to support one another.

G-Whiz Sex Position

To reduce the height gap to reduce the height difference, place two pillows under the person who is taller.

The man should sit on knees, lying back with his legs resting on both shoulder of his partner to perform the erotic move.

The Chair’s Sex Position

This is a different sex posture which, if you do more than bounce grinding is the most effective move. It’s the ideal way to start to deep penetration. to make partners kiss their necks and shoulders to play nipple. To get manual stimulation, you can add the sex toys to let your partner reach out to you. It could also be done by sitting the man at the bed’s edge and the girl sitting on them with their backs to them.

Sexual missionary position

There are so many different variations of the Missionary but it’s intimate due to eye contact. Include pillows beneath the pelvis to ensure that the partner on top is able to push upwards in a diagonal direction. The clitoris is able to be fully grinded.

Magic Mountain sex position

The man is seated with his legs bent and leaning back against their forearms and hands. The girl is able to perform the same thing and then continue to move forward until they make contact.

Pinball Wizard sexual position

This is ideal for deep penetration. If you’re in a position that is not suitable for the bridge position, you can support your lower body using arms and then move to another position. You should be in a partial bridge position similar to pinball machines, with the weight resting on your shoulders. The partner is able to enter by kneeling.

Ballet Dancer Sex position

For better balance Do it standing on one leg, then face the girl, and wrap one foot around the waist of her. let your loins be in love.

In the end, with the varying the sex postures, you will be climaxing better than in a relationship with a standard partner. A beautiful escort can give you the opportunity and the guidance to enjoy all the sexual fantasies you could have picked up from porn films you’ve watched.

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